Fintech reliable and effective software solutions that work for you

About us

Softics develops software of any level of complexity for companies operating in the financial sector. Over the years, we have acquired unique experience in creating products tailored for each costumer needs.

High performance, focus on new technologies and scalability of Softics solutions gave us a wide recognition among our clients and partners.

Key business areas

  • Trading platforms
  • Automated brokerage solutions
  • Complex software development projects
  • Mobile applications
  • Marketing support and hosting services

How we work

The Softics team of professionals will help you to achieve the perfect results tailored just for you. The whole process consists of four simple stages.


  • All products can be easily modified according to your features by various plugins.
  • We are professionals with flexible approach. We create products of great quality and fulfill contracts on time.
  • Our solutions are suitable for both starting and experienced brokers
  • Consulting and marketing services are provided upon request
  • No software subscriptions needed

Provide us with your contact details and we will contact you within 24 working hours. Contact us